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Reviewer: Piercing Metal

Comments: "As a sign of things to come from the band on the new album I can only guess that this will be a fantastic ride."…"Proving that good things come to those who wait, Schaffer, Owens and company make sure that they do not leave you feeling left for want by giving you a completely new recording of the “Something Wicked” trilogy from the aforementioned album. The new version is done with respect to the original, but has an added level of sonic power and intensity based on the banshee wails of Owens, the crunching guitars of Schaffer and the pounding rhythm section that recorded it."…"You would be wise to pay attention dear friends in Metal, for the story is once again about to unfold. Are you ready?" [Read More]

Rating: 4/5

Reviewer: Metalfanatix

Comments: "If the “Overture Of The Wicked” EP is a prelude or introduction to the fall 2007 release of “Framing Armageddon,” then we will all be in for a treat." [Read More]

Rating: 85/100


Comments: "Returning skinsman Brent Smedley flurries on the drums like it’s 1998 all over again and the rhythmic parts are airtight."…"Ten Thousand Strong starts off with a steamrolling guitars/drums-blast as Owens lets forth a murderous wail that nails your attention squarely at the speakers. The riffing is relentless and the chorus infectious as hell – a definite delight to play live in my mind." [Read More]

Reviewer: Mark Grommen (BWBK)

Mark's "unofficial" review based upon a recent studio visit with Jon and Jim Morris at Morrisound Studios during the mixing proccess.

…'Invasion': Big screen sci-fi animation effects. Think THX Star Wars battle scenes.…'The Motivation Of Man': Distant voiceover begins, then Owens with a different voice. Without a break, leads into…'The Setian Massacre': Where man kills off most of the Setian race, fueling revenge plot. Every conceivable space filled with a rich, bombastic sound. Measured guitar solo cuts through the center... [Read More]

Reviewer: Fred Phillips (Digital Metal)

"If this EP is a taste of things to come, I can’t wait. The new song here from Framing Armageddon is “Ten Thousand Strong.” The song, to me, blends the sound of The Glorious Burden with just a little taste of some of the band’s earliest work. It’s got everything Iced Earth fans want, high speed galloping guitar riffs and a catchy as hell chorus." [Read More]

Reviewer: Taylor Green (Transform Online)

"There are few bands who carry the kind of weight that Iced Earth do. And with their last studio album The Glorious Burden, they proved the weight could increase tenfold when Matt Barlow was replaced by famous Judas Priest fill-in Tim "Ripper" Owens." [Read More]

Reviewer: Ruben Mosqueda (Pivotal Alliance)

"The disc’s main title on Overture of the Wicked is the blistering new track “Ten Thousand Strong.” It was well worth the wait. Tim sounds phenomenal and I can hear it now woven into the live set. The drumming is lightning fast and Jon handles the guitar and bass on there. “Ten Thousand Strong” is the quintessential power metal song; the chorus is memorable and will forever be ingrained into your brain, great melodies, furious fretwork, and a thrash metal groove. If this isn’t a great drinking song, I don’t know what it is... [Read More]

Rating: 85/100