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APRIL 17.2007

Tim Owens answers questions regarding the new releases, upcoming tour, and comments on Matthew Barlow's return to the metal scene. checked in with Tim Owens this week to get a brief update on the current events taking place in the Iced Earth world… The forthcoming release, “Framing Armageddon,” is due for release in late August or early September which is before you tour to support, “Heaven and Hell” in the UK but not before the summer festivals (Sweden Rock, RockWave, Wacken Open Air). Will you be playing new material from “Framing Armageddon” at the festivals? If so, roughly how many songs will you perform from that record?

Tim: Well we haven't even talked about the songs yet, one step at a time. I would think that for the summer we will play the single but not sure if anything else off Framing Armageddon. I wouldn't think anything else! Gotta lot of tunes to chose from…with a back catalog as big as it is! Mixing for “Framing Armageddon” is scheduled for early May. The tracklist contains a whopping 18 songs. Do you have any personal favorites among them?

Tim: Man, I love em all…I love the track Framing Armageddon, It is heavy and I like the heavy stuff. But really they all sound great, a lot of light and shade on it, and that is what you want if you like IE. “Framing Armageddon” marks your second tour of studio duty with Jon Schaffer and Jim Morris. On your Iced Earth debut, “The Glorious Burden,” you arrived at Morrisound after the entire album had been written and actually recorded. What did you learn from your first studio experience with Jon and Jim that helped you prepare for the recording of the new material, knowing now that you will be the voice of Iced Earth for many years to come?

Tim: Well, It is a good time in the studio with them, we laugh a lot! The new stuff just sounds great, I love it, and it has been a good time doing it. I think we all know a little more what to expect on this CD. Former Iced Earth vocalist Matt Barlow announced this month his return to metal with the Danish band, "Pyramaze." Have you had an opportunity to meet or converse with Matt since you joined Iced Earth?

Tim: Man I think it's great, Matt is a great guy and a great singer - I'm glad he is back in the metal game. I met Matt years ago, I think around '97 at a JP show. I saw Matt and Jon standing somewhere by the merchandise booth so I talked with them and got them backstage to hang out after the show. I stayed in touch with Jon after that. But I would say Matt is a friend, I have nothing but kind words and respect for him. Any comments on your upcoming tour in support of  “Heaven and Hell” this November in the UK? Given the relatively short history of the Dio-era “Black Sabbath” lineup, touring with them is a rare opportunity for any band which may never happen again.

Tim: This will be a blast, Ronnie is a great guy and with Wendy being the manager of Beyond Fear and knowing how they run their operation, this should be killer! My favorite Sabbath was with Ronnie at the helm, however I did love Sabbath with Ozzy as well, and Ian Gillian…But Ronnie is the man! Maybe I will get up and sing a little Neon Knights with them…hahahahah!

Stay tuned for more, "quick hits" from the Iced Earth world as the countdown to Armageddon continues! –