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WCR Guitar Pickups and and ICED EARTH announce Jon Schaffer signature pickup, the "Ice Bucker".

Ice Bucker"I've been buying pickups handwound by Jim Wagner of WCR Guitar Pickups for the last few years and I can say hands down, his are second to none. These babies really make your ears perk up, and recording with them is pure harmonic magic. I've got several models in various guitars, mainly Gibson Les Pauls, the Godwood set (used on the majority of my axes on Framing Armageddon), the Crossroads set (Used in my Baritone Les Paul for all of the Baritone tracks on Framing as well), the Betset, and the Moore/Greene (both used on all of the lead melodies on Framing Armageddon) set are some of my favorites. However, now Jim has developed a new signature pickup that is wound specifically for my percussive picking style.

This new pickup called the "Ice Bucker" is a killer humbucker pickup that is
harmonically rich and extremely responsive to thunderously fast picking styles. Jim and I have been working on this for a few months and it's dialed in and ready for public consumption. Jon Schaffer"

WCR Guitar Pickups Technical Specs:

  • Neck is apprx 8k, slightly off balance between coils (widens harmonic content) Bridge is apprx 9.6k, slightly off balance between coils (widens harmonic content).
  • Alnico5 magnets. Easily interchangeable with all other strengths in stock. A2, A3, A4, A5, A8, Ceramic8.
  • Standard conductors are vintage braided, but can be substituted with: 2 conductor + ground, or 4 conductor + ground.
  • Bobbins can be in a variety of combinations. Black, zebra, reverse zebra, and the lighter side of zebras can be either cream or pure white. Double white is also available.
  • Hardware is nickle stock, Gold is optional, including gold pole-piece screws & slugs.
  • Covers are optional. Nickle plated brass, or solid nickle-silver in either raw, (fresh from the stamp) Brushed (like '57 stainless), or polished to a mirror finish.

WCR GuitarShipping is USPS Priority Mail, Signature Confirmation inside the U.S. USPS Global Express outside the U.S.

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