Studio Report From Jon: "I'm Very Happy"

Hello Friends,

All is well here as we are pushing forward with master tracking the new album "Dystopia."

We have finished drums and rhythm guitars and are right on schedule. I'll be heading to Europe tomorrow for a few festival dates and then right back to work in the studio on Monday. Jim Morris and I are having a great time, as usual, and are very much looking forward to starting vocal tracks with "Stucifer" next week!

Stu has contributed a lot to the vocal parts on this record, with co-writing credits on 10 out of 12 songs, and I'm very happy with our chemistry and what we've accomplished together so far. And we're just getting started.

Here are a few titles for you to ponder...

  • Dystopia
  • Anthem
  • Days of Rage
  • Soylent Green
  • V
  • Boiling Point
  • Tragedy and Triumph
  • Anguish of Youth
  • Iron Will

Just a little update for you guys. It's a crazy-busy summer. But I'll try to update you as often as I can!

Take care,