Live In Ancient Kourion

Century Media
Live in Ancient Courion

ICED EARTH's first officially filmed headline show "Live In Ancient Kourion" will hit stores on April 15th (USA April 16th), 2013! This incredibly powerful package will come to you in various configurations and, a first for CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS, also on Blu-Ray disk! The Limited Edition Deluxe Book features the main show and a plethora of bonus content on DVD and a Blu-Ray Disc, as well as the entire concert on a 2 CD set (4 discs in total!). You can also enjoy the audio version of the full concert in a 3 LP gatefold Vinyl package or as a 2 CD set. A standard DVD and Digital Audio Download will also be available.



Jon Schaffer
Brent Smedley
Troy Seele
Stu Block
Luke Appleton


1. Intro

2. Dystopia

3. Burning Times

4. Angel's Holocaust

5. Slave To The Dark

6. V

7. When The Night Falls

8. I Died For You

9. Invasion / Motivation Of Man

10. Setian Massacre

11. Stormrider

12. Pure Evil

13. Wolf

14. Dark City

15. Dracula

16. Ten Thousand Strong

17. Anthem

18. Declaration day

19. Days Of Rage

20. Melancholy

21. In Sacred Flames

22. Boiling Point

23. Damien

24. Watching Over Me

25. Dante's Inferno

26. Iced Earth

27. The Hunter


Bonus Content

- Making of

- World Tour

- Photo Gallery